Weekly Photo Challenge: Fresh


New, Spicy, Fun, Bold, Interesting… some of the many words that come to mind when I think of Fresh.

Me being the girl that I am, There’s just something about getting my nails done that just makes me feel… put together and complete. & Let’s face it, we use our hands everyday; all the time non stop. So why not take pride in how they look!  While many people overlook hand maintenance  because A. Not necessary for them or B. No desire. I on the hand enjoy it!

I haven’t always been this way I must admit. ( Blame it on my career choice) But I see multiple clients a day and must come off “well maintained” . So for me not only is it a must but it’s also a chance to express my personality and creativity. With that being said, nails have kind of turned into my niche and my go to activity to add some sass or freshness if you will .. to my everyday life to kind of spice things up!

Whether it’s bright colors, bold charms or outrageous designs; the statement is yours to make. So say what you want, express yourself and rock it!

& If all else fails… here’s a few choice words from my wise mentor.

If they hate, then let them hate & watch the money pile up ” – Curtis James Jackson III

– Liv

***** So now that you know about my nerdy nail obsession and how it keeps me feeling fresh for days, I’d love to hear about what makes all of you feel the same!

Inspiration here 


5 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Fresh

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