Doing It Plus Sized

Cupcakes, chips, pop .. name it all. I Loved it & well lets be honest I still do. Chips might be my weakness; it’s the crunch factor. Got to have it. BUT I don’t need it that’s for sure.


Hi. You can call me Liv.

I’ve been plus sized my whole life, well maybe except when I was the cuttest mad little turd running around at the age of 5. But other than that, over weight for as long as I could remember. I’ve been through it all .. name calling, untreated depression , hopeless, binge eating , diets , the whole thing. Jr.High & H.S weren’t the best but bareable due to my semi niceness and somewhat comedic personality.

Pretty much my whole life I’ve tried to ignore who  I was or becoming, out of sight out of mind.. but one can only ignore mirrors for so long or take sooo many high angled selfiess before they have to face reality. I will never be skinny, nor do I want to be. But I WILL be fit and healthy I can promise you that.

Instead of trying to fight and ignore who I am ; like its some big secret… I’m going to accept and embrace it ! I AM A  YOUNG PLUS SIZED WOMAN. & Even though  I am such,  I CAN STILL LOOK DAMN GOOD and I have every right to do so!

Skinny does not define sexy, CONFIDENCE defines sexy!

I would have loved to have someone show me that its okay to be plus size when I was younger and how to dress myself and what styles suited me.  & WHERE to buy such clothes and accessories! But no such luck, theres so much I want to do with this blog, Show you PS Girls to love yourself, YOU CAN look just as good as those skinny bitches!

It’s okay to be happy with who you are and its okay to accept who you are.

You are not alone, I am  here to help and guide you style wise, Ive been there and done that!

Like I said I am overweight and PlusSize , I’m on my weightloss journey to a healthy me but am aware I will never be a size 2 ! I just wish to be a happy and healthy woman AND work it for all my plus sized woman out there!

Accept what you cannot change, Change what you cannot accept.

– Liv


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