Motivation; Carpe that fucking Diem.

Let me just tell you Today was the first day I’ve been to the gym in two weeks. As shitty as that is to admit to myself because I was doing so good; It’s time to face the truth.  But I went and I worked out. Had my delicious spark ( which makes life so much easier )


& Here I am  multitasking  by blogging and cooking. So I’m pretty much a badass. Martha Stewart and Betty Crocker are pretty jealous of my skills. Maybe I’ll share a food blog later.

So back to the point.// Motivation. It’s there! You have it! Everyone has a reason they need to just stick with it.

I hate when people say  ” O screw it! I already ate something bad today; might as well just eat whatever else I want now!”

{ NO! DO NOT do that! Just because you slip up and accidentally use ranch dressing or whatever it may be doesn’t mean your whole day is ruined ; just keep sticking to it. It’s a lot easier to burn off the calories from an accidental pop than it is from a whole day of eating shit. /endrant }

Find your motivation and focus on it, focus on it even more in-depth. Make it bigger and use it to your advantage; think of all the possibilities!

1. Find it . 2. Give it all you have. 3. Give yourself a deadline or goal. 4. Never stop. 5.Repeat.

For me my motivation mentally is happiness and contentment but physically my motivation is the Caribbean. You read that right , I’m going to the C a r r i b b e a n.  In November ,  126 days to be exact.  For a destination wedding!!! ( no not mine silly ) 

It will be my first adult trip/vacation by myself. I was pretty nervous about it but I’ll worry about that when the time comes.  Applying for my passport was pretty easy in fact. Ugh.  Here I go again getting sidetracked . So YES Caribbean = motivation.

I want to look and feel fucking fabulous, have confidence. Not worry about how I’m looking in a swimsuit with a t-shirt over it to hide myself. I want to live in the moment and experience everything around me! This might be my only time that ill be in the Dominican Republic! I want to carpe that fucking diem  to the fullest extent! & maybe meet an adorable local to talk to me in a foreign language and fall in love with for 5 majestical days ( HA ) .

So I will use this at my motivation for the next 126 days and own that shit. ( Post pics along the way )

Use it to my advantage, when you have motivation you want that ‘thing’ so bad! Make it yours! Go after it & never stop!

But most importantly remember that you are not alone, ever.

Just because you can’t find resources sometimes and it may not be the easiest doesn’t mean they do not exist. And if by chance they really don’t, make them yourself. Remember that you control your life, no one else does. No one is going to give you the life you want ( if that was the case I’d be a immortal 22-year-old with a dancer’s body married to Channing Tatum and Ryan Gosling would be my side boyfriend & Ellen DeGeneres and I would be sipping margaritas in her backyard every weekend.)

You have to MAKE the life you want.It took me a long time to figure that out. I’m finally here though on my journey of life and I don’t plan on quitting till I get to my destination.

**This isn’t just motivation words for weight-loss . I’m speaking in every aspect of life; work,health,dreams,goals.

As my wise mentor Miley once said ” We can’t stop, we won’t stop

– Liv

Question of the day:  What is YOUR Motivation? and for what?